Lake Las Vegas sees big boom in development


Lake Las Vegas is known for its beauty, million dollar homes, and as a popular staycation spot.  But it’s also had its share of setbacks, from shuttered businesses to home foreclosures and bankruptcy.

The area is on the far east side of town in Henderson.  You can see it on the way out to Lake Mead, and recently Lake Las Vegas has seen a big boom in development.

The lake is the center of attention in the area, so many developers are using it to their advantage to lure more people.  From new homeowners to out of town visitors, and their strategy appears to be working.

“It’s a pretty special place,” said Jim Andersen, executive director of Lake Las Vegas Rowing Club.    

Lake Las Vegas is home to the first collegiate rowing regatta that will take place in Nevada this weekend.

Andersen coaches the Nevada State College team.  He says the lake is the perfect spot for the competition.

“This is very unique,” Andersen said.  “Normally, with rowing courses, you can see maybe the last 500 meters, but here you can stand on a hill and see the full  2000 meter course.”

“It’s just one of many ways developers are working to bring people to the lake.  Residents say they like the new vibe.

“I’ve seen a lot more people on the weekends down in the village so yes it’s picking up,” said Tawnya Palma, resident.

Developers say the growth isn’t just about visitors looking for a day of fun outside; they said they’re seeing a big demand.

In fact, six new communities are being built at Lake Las Vegas.  Each neighborhood would house about 60 homes.

“There is a need. “We’re feeling a lot of people coming this way; coming to the east side of the valley and a lot of people looking for homes on this side,” said Cody Winterton, executive vice president of Raintree development. “As we’ve added these amenities and added community we’re getting a lot of interest.”

Amenities such as the Lake Las Vegas Sports Club which opened at the start of the new year.
“When you drive in now, this is one of the first icons of Lake Las Vegas now,” Dann Battistone, the general manager of Lake Las Vegas Sports Club said about the sports club.

With more than 700 members already signed up, the sports club is something residents have been waiting to see come to life.

“In fact, I drove by this building every day thinking something is going to be great and possible that happens here and here it is happening.  It’s fantastic,” resident Dan Smithman said.

With all the changes, Smithman who has lived in Lake Las Vegas for eight years says it’s really starting to feel like home now.

“It’s just a place where we all come together as a community,” Smithman said.

Developers say one of the reasons for the growth is the direct access now from U.S. 95 off of Galleria Drive.  There’s also a new elementary school opening up nearby.
Come April 1, Proof Tavern is expected to open and it will reportedly have gaming.

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