Kobe Bryant’s death overshadows start of Super Bowl week


MIAMI — Although Super Bowl week is officially underway the topic of conversation has shifted away from Sunday’s big game in the wake of Kobe Bryant’s sudden death.

In what is typically a very exciting and vibrant week leading up to the Super Bowl, it was a somber day Monday in Miami as news of Bryant’s death sent shock around the world.

“There’s just definitely a cloud of sadness just hanging over here,” said Danny Kannel, SiriusXM Radio host.

“I think we’re celebrating who Kobe was a player, as a parent and all these different aspects and it’s definitely dominated the conversation,” Matthew Sherry, Talk Sport. “Every single show that’s here is basically doing Kobe Bryant for the entire show because he deserves that much time and then we’ll focus on the Super Bowl later in the week.”

The biggest sporting event of the year took a back seat as people from around the world continued to feel the impact of Bryant’s death.

“Guys back home know that we were coming out to the states, that we cover the sport out here and so there was a lot of people reaching out but it was one of those things — really just shock. You just don’t believe at first,” said Will Gavin, Talk Sport. “I’ve had people compare it to when Princess Diana died in England and that’s how transcendent a star he was.”

Former Seattle Seahawks linebacker Lofa Tatupu spent two years playing at the University of Southern California, right in Kobe’s backyard.

“A place that he did all those phenomenal achievements, he was coming off his third ring and a scoring title and everything he embodied and all the hard work that he put in. That’s what will live on, that’s how I’ll remember him,” Tatupu said.

That mamba mentality that he created was certainly an aspect of Kobe that everyone on Radio Row spoke to Monday noting that his work ethic and dedication is something everyone can learn from.

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