Jury scam targets Clark County residents


A new scam is targeting people in Clark County and they’re using the court system to do it. 

People are being told they have an arrest warrant for failure to appear on a grand jury summons. The scammers then try to get the victims to pay for a pre-paid credit card for hundreds of dollars to clear the false arrest warrant.

Clark County officials warn that this fraud is happening on the phone and using an official looking email.

They want you to know that the court never calls on the phone to solicit money or personal information.

Beware of any phone call or email that looks like a jury summons and asks for personal information like date of birth, drivers license number, or social security number especially if it threatens a fine or prison if you don’t respond.

If you received an email or call, don’t respond. Instead contact the Attorney General’s office or Metro. County officials want to prevent people from falling for this scam. Even if you haven’t been a victim, let your friends and family know about it.

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