Judge rules Metro has to start releasing 1 October reports to media within 3 days


A district court judge reached a decision Friday in a dispute over the cost to prepare and turn over warrants and other reports on the 1 October shooting.  It’s been a battle happening between the media and Metro Police for a while now.

District Judge Richard Scotti ruled that Metro Police has to start turning over discovery which are records, warrants, videos and any other information, to the media within three days. The judge says the police agency has a minimum of six months to do it. 

Now, when it comes to the body camera footage, Metro Police says that it has 748 hours of body camera recordings, so they wanted to charge media outlets $50 an hour to transfer it.  That estimated out to between $233,750 to $458,159.

However, Judge Scotti ruled against Metro’s request, so now the media will only have to pay the actual cost of making the duplications, along with how much it will cost to purchase the DVD’s, flash drives, or any other device where the footage will be placed.

Now, Metro Police has to come up with the new number. The judge ruled the media can pay the total cost in six monthly installments once they get the estimate from Metro Police

As for copies of evidence logs and interview reports, Metro will be able to charge the media a total of 81 cents per page for copies. 

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