Judge grants motion for Kirstin Lobato’s immediate release


Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez has granted a motion for the immediate release of Kirstin Lobato who has served 16 years in prison on a murder charge.

The judge signed an order Wednesday stating that Lobato was entitled to credit for time served for sexual contact with another person while in prison.

Gonzalez was the judge who dismissed the murder case against Lobato on Dec. 29 and ordered Lobato’s release then.

However, the Department of Corrections released information this week, saying Lobota would be transferred to Clark County Detention Center to be held an additional year to serve on the sex case.

Lobato, 35, is expected to be released today.

Lobato was convicted in 2001 for killing Duran Bailey, a homeless man. Lobato maintained her innocence claiming she was hours away at the time of the killing and could prove it. That information and evidence never made it before the jury.

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