Jewelry store employee stops takeover robbery by shooting, killing gunman


Las Vegas police say two men attempted to rob a jewelry store on Dec. 29 in the 900 block of East Sahara Avenue, near Maryland Parkway, which ended in a shootout.

According to their briefing, the men entered the jewelry store armed with guns and began tying up employees and customers. At that time an armed CCW carrying employee emerged from a back room and exchanged fire with the robbers. The employee was struck several times during the exchange but managed to shoot and kill one of the robbers. The other robber ran away from the store and is still at large. 

The employee was transported to Sunrise Hospital and is currently in critical condition. A customer was also grazed during the shootout and transferred to Sunrise Hospital in stable condition. 

Police are looking for a who they describe as a black male wearing dark clothing and a hoodie. 

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