Janet Solander guilty on 46 counts in child abuse trial


Jurors found Janet Solander guilty on all 46 charges which include child abuse, battery and sexual assault.

The victims were three girls adopted by Solander and her husband. During the trial, the children testified how they were beaten and tortured over bathroom use. The sex crime against Janet Solander was related to her use of catheters on the girls against their will.

The case highlighted how an agency which is supposed to protect children failed.

On the first day of deliberations, all 12 jurors agreed that child abuse was happening in the Solander home but workers from Child Protective Services couldn’t come to that conclusion. They had several chances to intervene, but they left those girls in that home and the abuse continued.

During the trial, workers from the Department of Family Services and Child Protective Services testified and talked about how they hadn’t reviewed case history and didn’t have access to information vital to keep the children safe. During the trial, the acting director at the Department of Family Services was demoted to assistant director.

Janet Solander will likely spend the rest of her life in prison. The judge said she is facing a mandatory life sentence. Solander is 60 years old and has health issues.

Solander’s husband, Dwight, and her daughter Danielle Hinton were also charged in the case but took plea deals. They have not been sentenced yet.

The I-Team has reached out to Child Protective Services for a comment about the verdict and the failures that occurred in the system. Their response will be posted once it’s received.

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