LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — It was a congested traffic scene at UNLV’s Covid-19 drive-thru test site Sunday as hundreds of cars lined up on Tropicana and University Center Drive across from the Thomas & Mack Center throughout the day. Many people reported waits of up to 4-hours long.

Long lines at UNLV’s drive thru COVID-19 test site, Jan. 2, 2021 (KLAS)

Bree Jones, a graduate student at UNLV, says she never expected the line to be this long.

“It’s very scary to see the line like this, and it makes me think that we may need to shut down again because if all these people do test positive, that’s not good,” Jones said.

Omicron is the fastest spreading Covid-19 variant to date, and after holiday festivities and travel, thousands have flocked to testing sites.

“I was pretty sure it was going to take five to ten minutes, but I did not expect the lines to be this long, and I’ve been waiting here for about two hours,” said Prudhvi Polagani, a Las Vegas resident.

Katie Lee, who plans on visiting family in the next couple of days, says she hasn’t been able to get tested anywhere, and waiting in the drive-thru line was her last resort.

“I have been to Urgent Care, and I’ve called every Walgreens, and I can’t find a rapid test or a PCR test,” said Lee.

“I got in line at four, and it’s taken me four hours to get this close,” she added.

Sunday’s testing site opened at 5:30 pm, and due to the high demand, organizers started to shut down the line by 8:30 pm but allowed those who made it past the entry point had until 10:30 pm to get tested.

“If everybody would have just gotten on board and understood the social responsibility of getting this vaccine, so it didn’t make multiple and mutate this could have been avoided,” added Lee.