LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — This time of the year is not just important for the holidays – it is also the time when Spotify Wrapped will be shared with the music platform’s users, sparking comparisons and sharing our music trends on social media.

But if you are still streaming Taylor Swift’s “Midnights” on repeat in hopes that your top song or artist will change for this year’s Spotify Wrapped, you’re out of luck.

The platform stopped collecting data for Wrapped on Oct. 31.

Spotify has previously confirmed that the platform only collects Wrapped data from Jan. 1 to Oct. 31, excluding the last two months of the year.

“Is this because it’s just understood that everyone is listening to that mariah xmas song only for a month straight?” a user asked the company on Twitter.

Even though Christmas music haters might hope for that to be the reason why the holiday months are excluded from Wrapped, Spotify has said it is only about getting Wrapped to users before the year is over.

While some Spotify listeners do not mind and even embrace missing the last two months of the year, some have suggested the time frame for Wrapped changes to include the full year.

“Whoever had the idea that @Spotify should tabulate November 1 thru the following Oct. 31 for the year-end Spotify Wrapped – I just agree. (i.e. 11/1/2022-10/31/2023 = 2023 Wrapped, released in 12/2023,” user @BKBlack28 said on Twitter.

Wrapped normally hits Spotify accounts in early December. The “story of your year” on the platform is a dive into music and podcasts you could not keep away from, much to the dismay of those who played the same breakup song 337 times.

Historically, Wrapped has included top songs, artists, genres, podcasts, your audio “aura,” and the total minutes you listened to your favorites.

Not only are Spotify users able to share their Wrapped data across social media apps, but the yearly tradition has also become an inspiration for internet memes.

Even though Spotify is no longer analyzing your music habits this year, at least you can now feel free to blast Christmas music on repeat.