It’s that time of year again: Preventing package thieves


It’s that time of year again. 

Packages are being dropped at homes all across the country which means thieves are looking for their chance to take them.

“This one is an in and out. It takes 15 seconds. Run up, get the package, run out. It’s easy pickings. Put a hat on low, hard to identify,” said Tommy Burns, Security & Police Consultant. 

It’s a crime that’s so common that the crooks even have their own nickname: Porch pirates.

“I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. He was in such a hurry just to go get the box, get out of here and follow the UPS truck to another location,” said resident Rick Deckman.

The thieves even follow delivery trucks quietly waiting nearby for their chance to steal packages.

“The other thing they do is drive through neighborhoods and look for packages on the doorstep that they can take. As I said, it’s a quick and easy crime, no noise…nothing.” 

According to a study ( by Shorr Packaging, Las Vegas ranked in the top 20 states where Amazon packages are stolen the most.

“The only thing that they can do is have the package go somewhere else. If they’re not going to be home all day, they’re kind of at the mercy of the thief,” said Burns. 

New Amazon lockers allow customers to pick up their packages at a secured hub. Burns also recommends security cameras.

“I think the cameras play an important role for catching the thief, then deterring the thief. But, I would say if you have a doorbell camera or outside cameras, you’re less likely to have the thief then if you have nothing.”

To keep track of when packages arrive, you can set up notifications from the postal service as your boxes get delivered. The post office will also remain open on Sunday’s giving customers an extra day to pick up their package.

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