LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – The man accused of sawing a hole through a motel wall and taking a babysitter and a young boy hostage earlier this year, has been charged in connection to two homicide cases from the spring.

That standoff involving Metro Police at the motel happened in late May.

On Wednesday, the 8 News Now I-Team learned 24-year-old Antonio Barry-Edwards is accused of playing a role in two separate murders on May 9.

Antonio Barry-Edwards (Photo Credit: LVMPD)

One of the victims’ families spoke to 8 News Now, saying while they are relieved someone is behind bars, there is still not enough closure.

“It’s a mother’s worst nightmare,” said Jacquelina Anzalone-Rien, mother of Sandra Cruz-Lopez.

Metro Police say 39-year-old Sandra Cruz-Lopez was found dead in a burned car near Lake Mead & Los Feliz in the northeast valley on May 9.

The 8 News Now I-Team confirms Antonio Barry-Edwards is a suspect in that case.

Barry-Edwards, as well as Jordan Monahan, 30, both face charges in that homicide.

Records show Metro Police arrested Monahan on Tuesday.

She faces charges of open murder, conspiracy to commit murder, arson, and several other charges.
“I want justice for [Sandra],” Anzalone-Rien said.

Anzalone-Rien tells 8 News Now Metro Police told her Cruz-Lopez was shot in the back several times, put in a stolen car, and set on fire. “It was a vicious death,” Anzalone-Rien said.

The family says Cruz-Lopez and Barry-Edwards did not know each other.

Now, all Anzalone-Rien wants is for Cruz-Lopez to be remembered as a loving daughter — and a mother of seven children.

“I want everyone to know that she had family. She wasn’t just a nobody out there in Las Vegas,” Anzalone-Rien said. “She had a good heart. She was a good person.”

Records show Barry-Edwards is also accused of shooting and killing Eric Mosley, 31, in a separate incident in North Las Vegas, that same day.

Police say Mosley was killed in a trailer, located in a parking lot near North Las Vegas Boulevard and Griswold Street.

Barry-Edwards was charged with those two counts of open murder — in the cases of Cruz-Lopez and Mosley — while he was already in jail for allegedly holding a babysitter and four-year-old boy hostage during a 29-hour standup with Metro Police in late May.

The standoff involving Barry-Edwards began when a Metro Police officer spotted a stolen SUV at the motel.

The officer then saw Barry-Edwards get on a motorcycle and a fight ensued. Barry-Edwards made his way into a room at the Highland Inn Motel on Dean Martin Drive, near Blue Diamond Road.

In that incident, Barry-Edwards is accused of firing seven gunshots and cutting a hole in a wall between two motel rooms, evading police for more than a day, documents said.

“I was devastated,” Rosan Anzalone, Cruz-Lopez’s aunt, said.

Anzalone is shocked by all the disturbing details, from her niece’s case to the others. But she is happy someone is in custody for those crimes.

“That gives us some relief,” Anzalone said. “We’ve been in a nightmare since May.”
But for Anzalone-Rien, an arrest and some jail time is not enough.

“That’s not going to bring my daughter back. That’s not going to bring her back to her kids,” Anzalone-Rien said. “I want them held accountable for everything that they’ve done.”

In all, Barry-Edwards faces more than three dozen charges in connection with the two murders, the standoff, and other crimes across the valley.