Israeli trauma experts in town to help 1 October first responders continue to heal


Trauma experts from Israel were in town tonight to help first responders of the 1 October attack as they continue to heal and recover. These experts specialize in two main areas, mental trauma, and grief. 

Talia Levanon, director of the Israeli trauma coalition, has seen the worst in this world. 

“Sandy [Hook], Boston, Houston, Broward County, Pittsburg, and Las Vegas of course,” she said. 

She started her work after 9/11, helping first responders and survivors cope with the tragedies.

“They have taken these horrible experiences that they have helped the people of Israel overcome, and turned it into repairing the rest of the world cope,” said Levanon “The smells, the noise, the sounds that they heard, the things that they saw. It shakes their belief in the world.”

She has also seen the good life-saving tools that have changed lives. 

“First responders are always exposed to emergencies and they’re always exposed to violence in some degree but this event is very different in scope.”

She hopes those still struggling will call for help if they need it.

“Usually after the event, survivors, as well as caregivers, are in a survival mode. They want to move on, they want to continue their lives. They don’t stop to say, ‘what this did to me.’ they really want to try and put it behind them.”

The coalition will meet with metro’s police employee assistance program tomorrow.

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