Inspiring, stellar student creates website builder called ‘Frame’


A student at Southwest Career and Technical Academy is received a lot of attention Monday for his stellar grades and incredible academic accomplishments.

Victor Taksheyev has a pretty inspiring story because the 17-year-old immigrated with his parents from Russia when he was 5 years old. Now, just 12 years later Taksheyev’s is expected to graduate with a 4.8 GPA, and a laundry list of other amazing accomplishments. 

As the vice-president of the National Honor Society, Taksheyev has been a star student.  He’s taken part in mock congressional hearings called “We the People,” and seven advanced placement classes have afforded him a GPA of 4.8. 

The candidate for valedictorian is also a computer web designer.

“He’s a dream student,” said Denise Snow, web design, and development program teacher. “He just wants to learn.  He wants to know everything there is about life in general and about the program.”

“He just has such a great heart and such a great attitude,” said  Joe Juliano, AP U.S. Government teacher. “He’s not just trying to have the highest GPA in the class; he’s actually trying to spread that positive influence to everyone around him.”

According to Taksheyev teachers, the student has been able to balance school with the life of an average teen, but it’s his work in a team that has brought him a lot of attention.
Using his computer design knowledge, Taksheyev and a fellow student created a website builder called “Frame.” 

“Basically how it works is if you have an idea for a site, but you don’t have the technical ability for it, it allows the user to select which options you want,” Taksheyev said.  “You answer some questions, and it will automatically create the framework for your site.”

Taksheyev and his teammate have been working on the design for more than seven months, and he plans on continuing to fine tune the site.

“I think the American dream is real, and if you have enough passion and you’re truly committed to something you really want, then you can attain it,” Taksheyev said.

After graduation, Taksheyev is staying in the area.  He says he plans on attending UNLV in the fall. He’s going to pursue computer science. 

Taksheyev says his ultimate goal is to work for Space X.

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