CARSON CITY, Nev. (CNN) — Inmates in Nevada are finding a new sense of identity after working alongside wild horses and burros at the Northern Nevada correctional center.

The animals there are sold at auction three times a year.

Serving prison time can be tough and it’s hard for some inmates to find peace behind these walls. That’s where the wild horse and burro program at the Nevada Department of Corrections comes in.

“I never actually worked with them or anything until I got here. Been out here for about six months now and loving every minute of it. I actually like coming to work everyday. It’s cool it’s nice,” said Trevor, an inmate.

He is one of several inmates who works closely with the wild horses. The wild horses are born in Nevada on the Great Basin. The BLM wrangles them up and the inmates train them at the ranch on property

“You have to gain their trust and it just takes time,” Trevor said. “You get real frustrated because you expect them to catch on quickly which they do and they are faster learners for the most part but it just gets a little wearing on you sometimes you have to step back and realize it’s just an animal and it’s OK. It gets you ready for the real world honestly.”

These wild horses and one burro named Crystal will be auctioned off to anyone who wants to adopt them.

“She’s a shy little donkey but she listens,” said inmate Coleman Macio.

Coleman takes care of Crystal and he never saw tending to a burro as a way of finding inner peace while in prison.

“They said go with the burros and I sold two at the last auction, did good with them, and working with her she’s better than the other two I sold before,” he said.

Coleman knows he will be saying good-bye to Crystal at the next auction but they’re lesson’s she has taught him that will help him readjust back into society after his time in prison.

“Have more patience with myself really because if you have a bad day then the animal feels it too so it’s best to just let it go and spend your time with your animal while you can before they get sold off,” Coleman said.

The next wild horse and burro auction is Saturday Oct. 19.