LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Right now, American families are paying around 500 dollars more each month for basic necessities and bills compared to last year, on the same income. 

8 News Now connected with our savings expert for some helpful hacks to keep more money in your wallet. 

Most of us sign up for autopay on our monthly bills, but it’s time to scrutizine those bills to make sure you aren’t paying for unnecessary services, add-ons or unused subscriptions.  

“This could be something as simple as setting up overdraft protection on bank so you’re not paying that overdraft fee,” said Andrea Woroch, a budgeting expert. 

“What about an extra DVR box on your cable plan that you aren’t using, like in the guestroom., or even premium movie channels your family isn’t watching?” 

Woroch said to compare rates so you don’t miss out on savings when it comes to cable, internet, and insurance with the You can even get help negotiating bills using sites like Billshark. 

Paying down high interest credit card debt will free up money in your monthly budget. However, you may not have the cash to make that happen. Woroch offered an alternative. 

“Transfer or consolidate any variable interest debt to a fixed rate, to a fixed rate personal loan it’s going to offer a so it’s not going to be impacted, as interest rates keep going up. that’s going to save you a lot of money,” Woroch said.  

Go to to find the best one that fits your needs, and don’t forget about unique ways to boost your cash flow.  

“Getting paid to share your opinions, taking online surveys at or,” Woroch said.  

“Get paid about 20 dollars an hour virtual tutoring on nights and weekends, through varsity tutor, or Run odd jobs around town, building furniture, or be a gardener through sites like” 

She also recommended you shop for groceries carefully and meal plan. 

Use the Flipp app to know which stores have the best prices for the items on your shopping list. Look for manager markdowns on meat, fish and poultry nearing their expiration date to save about 70-percent.