Infant transported to hospital after being shot


Las Vegas Metro Police are investigating the shooting of a 4-month-old infant shortly after 11 a.m. Tuesday.

The infant was shot in the hand and the bullet came from outside the apartment. 

The shooting was reported at the Harbor Island apartments in the 370 block of E. Harmon Avenue near Paradise Road.

Police are investigating where the gunshot originated. Police say the shot came from outside the families apartment. It is not known if the apartment was targeted. The apartment is on one of the upper floors.

The child who suffered non life-threatening injuries was transported to Sunrise Hospital for treatment. 

Police are stressing the importance of gun safety in the event the incident was an accidental shooting or discharge of a gun.

Regardless, residents who live in the complex say police activity is common at the complex.

“Everyday, four, five times a day. They show up all the time. This is not a safe place for kids,” said Jonathan ,who does not want to reveal his last name.

He said, shortly after he moved into the complex, about four months ago, his neighbor was shot.

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