LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Republican Assemblywoman-elect Annie Black, of Mesquite, was at the U.S. Capitol when a mob stormed the front steps, breaking windows to gain access to the building’s hallowed halls, she told 8 News Now.

Black traveled to Washington to attend President Donald Trump’s rally near the Washington Monument earlier in the day.

“Forty-eight months ago, I traveled to Washington, DC for the inauguration of President Donald Trump. Forty-eight hours ago, I was again in our nation’s capital for the national Stop the Steal rally,” she said. The assemblywoman-elect continued later, sharing, “… I’ve attended over a dozen Trump rallies since then, and they’ve all been nothing but peaceful, fun events. Wednesday’s started out the same way.”

Black marched with a group to the Capitol, but kept far behind a larger group, which had breeched the security line and gathered at the building’s east front.

“… Thanks to a small contingent of boneheads, who accomplished nothing more than undermining the 99% of us who were there for the sole purpose of shining the light on real problems with how the 2020 elections were conducted, things went tragically wrong.”

She moved to an area near the US Supreme Court to avoid being associated with the mob, she said. While taking video of the escalating incident, she captured the group storming the steps, overtaking police.

“Whoever these people were, whether they were rogue Trump supporters or outside agitators, they should be identified, arrested, charged, prosecuted and severely punished,” Black said.

She won her election to represent District 19, which is comprised of the northeastern portion of Clark County.