LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A young pit bull was brought back to The Animal Foundation one year after being adopted, weighing half of what he originally weighed. 

Zion, previously known as Rocko is a 3-year-old pit bull mix who has gained the love of everyone at Spencer Springs Animal Hospital. 

However, his eyes and malnourished body show us the lack of love and care he received ever since walking out of the Animal Foundation one year ago. 

“What caught my eye was this rather tall person with this sickly looking dog,” said Kelly Winder who is an independent dog rescuer. 

Winder happened to be at The Animal Foundation this past weekend when Zion and his owner showed up.
“I casually ask him is that a found dog, he said no he was returning him I said wow he was in horrible shape for a return,” said Winder.

She tells 8 News Now this is when the owner was getting confrontational not wanting to sign any surrender papers and simply claimed Zion was aggressive.

“All he wanted to do was walk in there with little effort as possible drop him and leave,” Winder said. 
Fearing for Zion’s future, Winder immediately stepped in to take responsibility for Zion who weighed 25 lbs, one year ago he weight 60 lbs. 

Doctors say the sores on his body are also a clear indicator he was forced to sleep on concrete for months. 
“I wanted to cry,” said Tina Hayes who is with Vegas Pet Rescue Project. 

Vegas Pet Rescue project is now taking care of Zion’s medical needs. 

The Animal Foundation tells 8 News Now they don’t do reference checks but make sure they don’t give animals to people who have any animal abuse charges in their system.

“Sometimes people fall through the cracks, sometimes charges can be from years ago, they choose let’s give them the benefit of the doubt I’m not sure what goes in their minds,” said Hayes. 

The rescue group is making sure it will be impossible for Zion’s previous owner to adopt an animal again. 

Zion had his tail amputated on Thursday and will be at the hospital for a few more weeks until he is ready to go home to a foster.

If you would like to donate or are interested in fostering him you can click HERE.