I-Team: Stormy Daniels’ polygraph has Las Vegas connection


The Stormy Daniels saga has landed in Las Vegas in an unexpected way.

The adult entertainer has claimed she had an ongoing affair with Donald Trump. Now, she has evidence to bolster her case.

When the Daniels allegations resurfaced earlier this year, reports mentioned she had taken a polygraph exam. It turns out the test was administered in Las Vegas.

The first reporter to see the test results was the I-Team’s George Knapp who has the exclusive details.

The I-Team first learned about the polygraph exam in Aug. 2016, during the presidential campaign, but the source of the information would not allow 8 News NOW to air a story at the time.

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It bubbled up to the surface again in January when the Wall Street Journal resurrected the steamy allegations made by Stephanie Clifford, aka Stormy Daniels. Three weeks ago, we were allowed to see the evidence for ourselves.

Stormy Daniels recent publicity stop at an adult club was by no means her first exposure to Las Vegas. Daniels has long been a red-carpet fixture at the annual adult entertainment expo held here each year. 

What hasn’t been reported is that the adult film star, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, lived in southern Nevada back in 2011 to 2012, in North Las Vegas. That’s one reason why — in May of 2011 — she visited the office of Western Security on Maryland Parkway.

Polygraph examiner Ron Slay has conducted more than 27,000 polygraph exams, including this one on UFO whistleblower Bob Lazar back in 1989. He was also hired by the Las Vegas Review Journal to evaluate the truthfulness of a women who accused casino magnate Steve Wynn of sexual harassment. But the session with Stormy Daniels could be the biggest test of Slay’s long career, a case that continues to generate headlines.

Daniels story first bubbled to the surface in 2011. She claimed she had met the then-TV celebrity Donald Trump at a Lake Tahoe golf tournament in July 2006. That led to a sexual encounter in his hotel room, and to other trysts over an 11-month period.

A company called Bauer Media hired Slay’s security firm to administer a lie detector test to Daniels. Slay recorded the entire session. One freeze frame from that session has been released, but three weeks ago, the I-Team was allowed to view almost four hours of the video.

Although the polygraph exam asked only three questions, Bauer media submitted a list of 17 to Slay. For two-and-a-half hours, Daniels described her encounters with Trump in considerable detail. Not only the Lake Tahoe tryst, but also a later encounter in New York at the time when Trump vodka was unveiled at the Beverly Hills Hotel after Trump sent her tickets to attend the Miss USA Pageant in Hollywood.

Slay’s three questions:

1. Did you have vaginal intercourse with Donald Trump? Daniels: Yes. 
2. Did you have unprotected sex with Donald Trump? Daniels: Yes.
3. Did Trump say he would get you on The Apprentice? (the NBC TV show he hosted at the time) Daniels: Yes.

In a confidential report, Slay wrote the probability of deception was less than 1 percent. Although he listed the third question as inconclusive.

Although we had an agreement to interview the polygraph examiner and to air segments of the video last week, Ron Slay changed his mind. He reached an agreement with Daniels’ lawyer for the rights to the video. The polygraph results were released to national news media Tuesday morning, along with a single frame from the much longer video recording.

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