Embattled UNLV President Dr. Len Jessup is reportedly on the verge of accepting a job with a prestigious California college.  

Knowledgeable sources told the I-Team that an announcement could be made as early as Thursday. Jessup is UNLV’s fifth president since 2006 and has faced heated criticism from a few members of the Board of Regents. 

In January, according to published reports, Jessup was advised by Chancellor Thom Reilly to find another job or risk being fired.

That news generated a backlash among UNLV faculty and administrators, and among major donors. One gift of $14 million, dedicated to funding a new building for the medical school, was rescinded because of the possible departure of Jessup.

Claremont Colleges is a consortium of seven institutions in California. The Claremont Graduate College has been searching for a new president.  Both UNLV and Claremont spokespersons told us they are unable to comment on Jessup at this time.