I-Team: SNHD official with no license gets driving stipend, but employees drive her around


Why does the chief enforcement officer for the Southern Nevada Health District require employees to drive her around during work hours?

That’s the question several health district insiders are asking about Jackie Reszetar, the director of environmental health.

The I-Team found out health inspectors, and other staff members are often required to drive Reszetar to appointments, even though she gets paid a monthly stipend to cover the costs of using her own vehicle.

The I-Team did some digging and found one possible explanation for why employees are “Driving Ms. Reszetar.” 

Reszetar remains in the good graces of the board which oversees the health district, and in the eyes of her boss, Dr. Joseph Iser, even though rank and file employees wrote scathing reviews of her tenure. 

Ever since Reszetar was hired in 2014, district employees have griped about being ordered to act as her chauffeur, and she hasn’t exactly tried to hide it.

“She’s made several comments that she didn’t have a license, a driver’s license and she has inspectors driving her around for the first year,” one whistleblower said.  “She worked at the health district and was getting a car allowance.”

Like other managers at the district, Reszetar is expected to travel during the day to interact with employees, businesses, and other agencies, so she is paid a stipend of $400 per month to compensate for using her own car. 

All health inspectors who work for Reszetar are required to have a valid driver’s license. It’s also a listed requirement for nearly all other health district managers, but not for her. 

So why is the person in charge of all health inspections unable to drive? 

A public record that shows her license was suspended almost two years ago may have something to do with it.  

Reszetar was cited for speeding in June 2016 but never got around to paying the $448 fine.  And as of Sept. 2016, there’s been an active bench warrant for her arrest. But it’s not the first time. 

In Dec. 2016, she was cited by the Nevada Highway Patrol for following too closely and causing a collision. Again, she let it slide, and in Feb. 2017, another bench warrant was issued for Reszetar. She paid that one the following month. 

Reszetar is, in effect, an enforcement officer, meaning her office can shut down businesses and issue fines. She was also recently elected to a national organization that licenses health inspectors. 

For now, Reszetar is paid every month to drive a car though she can’t legally get behind the wheel.  So, will that make a difference to her boss, Dr. Joe Iser? District employees say they doubt it.  

As the I-Team has previously reported, Iser lives in San Francisco and typically works one or two days per week at the office. 

SNHD employees say Reszetar watches his back, and he watches hers. 

The I-Team asked the health district for an interview with Jackie Reszetar, but that request was denied. The I-Team also asked if the official job description had been changed to eliminate the requirement for a driver’s license, but the district did not answer that question.

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