I-Team: Report reveals possible neglect warning signs before baby’s death


Two Las Vegas parents were accused of murder after police say their 5-month-old son died weighing just five pounds.

Investigators say baby Hannibal Oceja starved to death, describing him as skin and bones when he died.

The average weight for a normal 5-month-old boy is usually about 15 pound, but baby Hannibal weighed just 5 pounds, according to police. To put things into perspective, that’s less than what he weighed when he was born.

According to police, the arrest report, the child weighed more than 6 pounds when he was born.

Baby Hannibal’s parents, Loreana Martinez and Anthony Oceja are accused of murder and animal cruelty.  Metro Police say they found three starved dogs in their east side home, as well.

The parents appeared in court Monday morning.
Possible warning signs that baby Hannibal could have been in trouble consisted of:

  • Another child of theirs was diagnosed with failure to thrive last April.
  • Martinez didn’t show up to medical appointments for the next four months.
  • In December, the pediatrician expressed concern about baby Hannibal’s weight, and the pediatrician said she tried to talk to the mother about feeding her child but the mother was “belligerent and refused to engage.”
  • Martinez also missed a few appointments after that encounter.

By law, medical providers are supposed to be mandatory reporters of suspected child abuse or neglect.  If they don’t, they could be charged with a misdemeanor.

According to Child Protective Services, there were no open cases or history with the agency for baby Hannibal’s family.

The report said, baby Hannibal’s grandmother also expressed concern over the baby’s size, but the mother said the doctor told her the baby was fine.

Baby Hannibal’s parents are expected to be in court again on April 15.  On Monday, a prosecutor said in court that there was a significant amount of medical evidence in the case and that lawyers were trying to sort it out.

The child abuse hotline for Clark County is (702) 399-0081.  You can also report abuse online here.

However, if it’s an emergency though, call 9-1-1.

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