UFO experts from around the world will converge on Las Vegas Thursday night for a symposium.

The symposium will not focus so much on whether UFO’s are from other planets, but rather, whether some of them are built on earth as part of a secret space program controlled by the United States military or maybe some other government entity.

Speculation about a secret space program has persisted for years and often intersects with the equally controversial premise that alien visitors have been zipping in and out of our skies for ages. The two topics will collide this weekend at the International Symposium of MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network.

“Of the 7,000 or so cases that are reported to us of UFO sightings every year from around the world, after we investigate them, about 30 percent remain unknown,” said Jan Harzan, MUFON.  “Of those 30 percent, could some of those be our top secret aircraft or space craft?”

The answer is almost certainly yes, according to the CIA.

The agency claimed years ago, without much proof, that about half of all UFO sightings in past decades were actually misidentifications of secret craft,  developed and flown from Nevada’s Area 51 military base. 

Area 51 is also the inspiration for more exotic claims, namely, which we’ve developed out of world technology derived from crash sites like Roswell, New Mexico. 

“In other words, we’ve been able to recover crashed saucers from back in the 40’s onward and have back engineered them and are going out into space using this technology,” Harzan said.

One of the speakers who will explore the idea of a secret space program is Historian Richard Dolan, who cites statements made by Aerospace Visionary Ben Rich.  Rich led Lockheed’s Skunkworks division, the same outfit which designed and developed the world’s greatest flying machines at Area 51, including the U-2 spy plane and stealth fighter. 

Before he died, Rich told an audience that the U.S. already had the technology to travel to the stars, but that it was unlikely that it would ever be made public. Harzan was in the audience when Rich made those comments.

“There are people who think there’s no way the government could hide something this big. I don’t know. That’s why we’re asking the question, right,” Harzan said.

Not far from where the conference is being held, billionaire Robert Bigelow is building his own space program.  It will be a full menu of spacecraft habitats that could be operational within five years and be part of bases on the moon or Mars, so it’s not much of a leap to suggest other black budget space programs could be underway.

Take the Air Force’s mysterious X-37-B space plane for example: With so many launches around the world, the public doesn’t have any idea of the payloads that could be hidden inside.
One of the speakers at the conference is Gary McKinnon, an autistic hacker from the United Kingdom who, while trying to uncover UFO secrets, broke into classified computers of NASA and other agencies. But what he ended up finding, was a program code named Solar Warden, which was evidence of a secret space fleet, right down to the names of the planet officers.

“There were actual rosters of intergalactic ships based in the U.S. Navy, of all things,” Harzan said.  “He saw the names of the officers, right?”

But, the U.S. Government didn’t.  In fact, it spent 8 years trying to extradite McKinnon. 

McKinnon’s speech to the conference over the weekend will be via Skype because if he visited the U.S., he would face prison time.

Other speakers of the symposium include a physics professor working to create traversable wormholes known as stargates, and a few more controversial speakers who claim they’ve already been to other planets.

“We’re going to let people present and lay it out there, and the public can make up its mind,” Harzan said.

The MUFON symposium starts Friday at the J.W. Marriott on the west side of town, and it’s open to the public.
Free events offered include a UFO exhibit and film festival.

They also have organized bus trips out to the edge of Aarea 51.
For more information on the event go here.