I-Team: Local mother searches for her missing teen daughter


Tiffany Terwilliger, 16, has been missing since March.  Tiffany’s mother, Crystal Terwilliger, said she filed a missing person report with Metro Police on March 29.  

“Walking into her room and seeing her gone is something I’ll never forget,” Terwilliger said. 

She went on to tell the I-Team. “I just want her to come home. I want her to be safe.”

Terwilliger has also turned to Nevada Child Seekers for help.  Margarita Edwards is the director of the organization.

“We just know that these children aren’t home so whether they willingly walked away or were kidnapped, that’s up to law enforcement, but what we do as a community go out there and say ‘this child is missing and deserves to be home,'” Edwards said.

Volunteers at Nevada Child Seekers do boots on the ground searches.  They have four big searches a year.  Areas of Boulder Highway and Tropicana Avenue, as well as bus stations, are hot spots for missing children.  Some of the same areas are known for sex trafficking.  

“It goes beyond trafficking,”  Edwards said.  “It’s really just predators using their vulnerabilities to target our children.”  

Predators targeting children is exactly what Terwilliger fears for her daughter.  She said Tiffany may have worried that her cell phone would be taken away before she ran away.

“We had discovered that she was communicating with people online, and meeting them during the middle of the night,” Terwilliger said.

As for the latest search by Nevada Child Seekers, there was sign of Tiffany.  

“Whatever it was that caused her to leave, we can figure it out,” Terwilliger said.  “We can fix it.”

Tiffany’s room remains empty while her mother waits for news about her daughter.

“I love her more than I could ever put into words.” 

Tiffany Terwilliger may have last been seen in Henderson.  Anyone with information is urged to call police.

Nevada Child Seekers reports finding 10 out of 18 children for the last big search in May.  The group currently has 30 open cases.

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