A local psychologist is behind bars charged with the murder of his wife, a death originally labeled as a suicide.

Attorney Susan Winters was found dead in Jan. 2015. She died from a deadly combination of anti-freeze and pain killers. Her husband, psychologist Dr. Gregory “Brent” Dennis, told police his wife had searched on the computer for information on how to kill herself by swallowing anti-freeze.

Thursday morning, Henderson Police arrested Dennis, 54, near Eastern Avenue and Coronado Center Drive.

In a news release, the Henderson Police Department said a concerted effort between them and the Clark County Coroner’s Office and the Clark County District Attorney’s Office developed new leads and evidence implicating the decedent’s husband.

The death of Winters, 48, on Jan. 3, 2015 was initially ruled a suicide, but her parents never believed she would kill herself.

The I-Team did a story last year about the investigation into Winters’ death. Winters’ parents launched a private investigation into her death and filed a lawsuit against her husband who inherited a $2 million estate upon Winters’ death. The family hired former District Attorney David Roger and lawyer Tony Sgro to investigate.

That investigation revealed, Dennis used illegal drugs, the marriage was in trouble and he had trouble keeping his story straight.

“He does not have an appreciation for the inconsistencies in his story, what he told police, what he told us under oath, how different those versions are. I think today might be the first time he appreciates that if you get caught in a series of lies, it may catch up to you,” Sgro said.

Dennis was booked into Henderson Detention Center on a charge of open murder with a deadly weapon.