Scientists and researchers who study exotic, even paranormal topics are in Las Vegas this week to share their findings of psychic phenomena, UFOs, and similar controversial topics.

On Thursday, at the South Point, some of the people who worked as psychic spies for the U.S. government shared their knowledge about a technique known as Remote Viewing, which was developed for the CIA.

The event is a joint conference of two science organizations but is open to the public.  Friday, two men who have spent years involved with Pentagon programs will tell what they know about secret studies into UFOs.  

Physicist doctor, Hal Puthoff, was the chief scientist for a UFO project based in Las Vegas.  His longtime colleague, Dr. John Alexander also speaks Friday.  He says he understands why the public is suspicious whenever UFO secrets spill out into the open.

George Knapp, I-Team Reporter: “They the public always suspect you guys are ‘Men In Black,’ the secret government. Suspicions confirmed?”
Dr. John Alexander:  “Well the problem there is that most people have no idea how the government works. They talk about what does the government know. Remember we have three big branches of government.  These are huge agencies, and because information goes in at one point, it does not mean it gets disseminated. In these areas, quite to the contrary. It is held in very tight circles.”

On Friday, at least some of the information that’s been kept hidden will be made public, including new details about the now-famous UFO videos that were released from the Pentagon a few months ago. 

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