I-Team: Fmr. Boulder City officer accused of threatening to shoot up court house, judges, attorneys


A former Boulder City Police officer was arrested after he was accused of making threats.  Add the latest incident to a list of charges Jeffery Grasso is already facing.

Last year, the I-Team reported that Grasso was arrested and accused of ripping off his disabled son. Now, Grasso is accused of threatening to shoot up a courthouse, judges, and attorneys.

The original allegation about Grasso’s threats came from his ex-wife, so Henderson Police investigated.

When officers showed up to investigate, they say the interaction with Grasso didn’t go well.  The former Boulder City police officer had to be tased before he was taken into custody.

Officers said on Thursday, Grasso screeched his tires, nearly plowed into his house, along with calling officers and his ex-wife derogatory names.

When officers gave demands, Grasso refused to cooperate with police, and at one point, he pulled a cell phone out of his pocket as if he were drawing a gun; that’s when police say they tased him.
The I-Team went to Grasso’s home, but a woman came to the door and said, “no comment.” 

In January, before the most recent incident occurred, the I-Team reported Grasso was indicted on several charges in the case where he’s accused of ripping off his disabled son who suffered from a traumatic brain injury from a skateboard accident.

The community rallied for him, donations were made, but Grasso is accused of pocketing more than $10,000 from a charity fund.  He is also accused of forging a document to gain guardianship, so he could gain control of his son’s money and assets.

Grasso had been out on bond, but now since he’s accused of making threats and resisting a public officer, he is in jail at the Clark County Detention Center.

Grasso’s attorney, Brian Smith, says he will be trying to get him released from custody and he has a lot of support, both from his physician, his family, and from former colleagues. 

Grasso worked as a Boulder City Police officer for nearly 15 years, but he retired through PERS in March.  The retirement is said to have taken place after he was indicted.

According to police, Grasso was not supposed to have any weapons, but they went into his home with a search warrant and found a shotgun and two handguns.

This was after police say Grasso’s wife told them he did not have any firearms.  However, she also admitted she did hear him say the courts trigger him and if he had to go back he would shoot the courts and judges and attorneys.

A jury trial for Grasso is set for August.

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