LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Those heading to the Storm Area 51 events planned this weekend will likely be prepared with the proper food, water, and other supplies, but, according to a Department of Energy spokesman, attendees also need to be prepared when it comes to directions. Some early visitors followed the wrong instructions, and it landed them in jail.

The I-Team got an exclusive interview with Darwin Morgan, the spokesperson for the National Security Site. He says Google maps are to blame for unwanted visitors showing up at the wrong place.

Just last week, two men from the Netherlands were arrested and charged with trespassing at the Nevada National Security Site in Nye County. They have since been released on bail.

“For the two Dutch nationals, 500 bucks each,” said Darwin Morgan, the NNSS spokesperson.

Morgan doesn’t want any of the visitors coming to the area for the Storm Area 51 festivities to make the same mistake.

“They willfully admitted that they read the signs, they ignored the signs, and drove onto the site and trespassed,” said Morgan.

The Nevada National Security Site is a U.S. Department of Energy facility, and according to Morgan, “We are not area 51.”

On the Nevada National Security Site’s website, the following statement was posted:

“Area 51 is located on the Nevada Test and Training Range, which is managed by the U.S. Air Force. So, it does not fall under the purview of the Nevada National Security Site. But with all of the hype surrounding Storm Area 51 after the Facebook page went viral, Morgan says they’re seeing an increase of people who are coming up to the gate.”

Morgan says security will have to be stepped up in anticipation of this weekend’s events planned in both Rachel and Hiko.

“They do a Google search, and there are Google maps that will show a route that takes them to our site to get to Area 51, so that’s our biggest issue is Google doesn’t help us,” Morgan said. “And then they get mixed up on the highway numbers. They wanna take highway 93, but they’re on Highway 95.”

In the video above, I-Team Reporter Vanessa Murphy has a look at a map that shows where the Nevada National Security Site is in comparison to where Area 51 is located.

“We are a completely separate piece of real estate,” Morgan said.

The entrance to the Nevada National Security Site is in Nye County so there may be additional Nye County Sheriff’s deputies patrolling the area this weekend.

In Lincoln County, where the events are planned, according to the sheriff’s office, there will be 150 officers, 300 first responders, and additional agencies like the FBI on hand.