A rock star turned UFO entrepreneur is finally ready to unveil plans for an ambitious investigation of cutting-edge phenomena, and this time, he’s bringing help.  Musician Tom Delonge first revealed his long-term plans to the I-Team nearly two years ago. 

I-Team Reporter George Knapp: “These are real people in real positions?” 
Tom DeLonge: “These are real people in real positions dealing with real threats.” (Interview 4/2016)

When DeLonge first told the I-Team 18 months ago that he had connected with high-ranking military and intelligence officials and got them to open up about UFOs, the public groaned.

Why would national security authorities spend any time speaking to a punk rocker, especially about intrusions by unknown aircraft? DeLonge’s many critics said he was making it up, or being fed disinformation. Then, Wikileaks released hundreds of pages of emails from presidential advisor John Podesta’s account, and among them were messages from Tom DeLonge, identifying top generals and others who were advising him about UFOs.

DeLonge had been telling the truth.

“There are groups, high-level groups within the DOD and national security divisions of our country, not only do I know it is real, you know, I am starting to get a clear picture of why it was kept secret,” DeLonge said in an interview with the I-Team in April 2016.

To the chagrin of his music fans, DeLonge changed the course of his professional life, founded a company called To The Stars to house his various projects, and went silent as he worked to rebuild the network sidelined by the Wikileaks disclosure.

Now, after hitting some snags, he is ready to unveil his project — a public benefit corporation, To The Stars Academy.

One element will be entertainment — movies and books consistent with the theme of cutting edge science. But the bigger story will be the partners who will step forward — noted physicist Dr. Hal Puthoff, who has worked for the CIA and NSA, as well as private think tanks, studying exotic propulsion technologies, Chris Mellon who served in the office of the secretary of defense in two administrations, Steve Justice, head of advanced systems for Lockheed’s Skunkworks, whose previous projects were developed at Nevada’s Area 51 base. He will reportedly oversee the development of an exotic craft inspired by — and a rival to — the technology displayed in some UFO encounters. Also, Luiz Elizondo, who until a week ago worked for the secretary of defense in charge of identifying unidentified aerial threats, a job the public didn’t know existed until now.

DeLonge’s webpage outlines some of what the public corporation hopes to do, and a big part of that will be the ongoing investigation of cutting edge phenomena, subjects that, for decades, have been studied in secrecy by small groups within the government.

I-Team Reporter George Knapp: “It’s hard to tell the public there are people in the government and military who know it’s real and important and true.”
Tom DeLonge: “Absolutely, and not only is there a level of people that know this is true, it is the grand chess game.” (Interview 4/2016)

Several of the people mentioned in the I-Team story will speak publicly Wednesday about UFOs and other exotic pursuits. The I-Team was also told that there is a pretty dramatic UFO encounter involving the U.S. Military that will be revealed and documented.

For more on the pending announcement, along with information about the about the academy and how to watch the event itself go here.

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