A California company set on building a futuristic, super high-speed transportation system says it will conduct early-phase testing in North Las Vegas.

Hyperloop Technologies announced Tuesday that it will conduct its Propulsion Open Air Test at Apex Industrial Park. The park is also considered a candidate for electric car company Faraday Future’s manufacturing plant.

The idea behind the hyperloop technology is to use vacuum tubes to transport freight and passengers in pods at speeds up to 750 mph. That would take travelers from LA to San Francisco in a half-hour.

The Nevada phase involves sending an electrical motor at more than 300 mph on a half-mile track. Testing is expected to begin early next year.

Governor Brian Sandoval, R-NV, said he’s thrilled the company has chosen Nevada because it means millions of dollars in investment.  But more importantly, in the long run, it will help put the Apex facility on the map for the high-tech world.

Later this week, the governor is also going to announce that a special session of the Nevada legislature will be called next week at which lawmakers will be asked to approve a package of tax incentives to bring the Faraday company to the same apex site.   It will be a billion dollar project to build futuristic electronic platforms — sort of like computers on wheels.

North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee was instrumental in finding Faraday and selling them on the Apex site. For the last few months, the governor and his staff have been trying to finalize a deal, and it appears that work is nearly done.  

Mayor Lee previously told 8 News NOW that he has other potential deals lined up for Apex.

“Let me go a step further, so that you know.  North Las Vegas’s future isn’t hanging on this one deal,” Lee said.  “This is a huge deal, but we’ve got four or five deals right behind this that I’m not willing to disclose right now, but just because we got one company circling the bait doesn’t mean were done fishing.”

The Faraday project could generate tens of thousands of jobs over the long run.  Again, an announcement is expected later this week and a special session could come as early as next week.

Hyperloop executives say they plan to start setting up shop later this month and hope to start testing in the first quarter of next year

The company says it’s still looking for a site to build a 2-mile test track.

For more on the Hyperloop and Elon Musk, check out this article in Fortune in October.