Hurricane Irma strands Miami HS football players in Las Vegas


They beat Bishop Gorman’s football team on Friday night, but 75 people with Miami Central High School’s football team are still hanging out in Las Vegas. 

The team has been stranded in Las Vegas since Hurricane Irma swept through parts of south Florida, including Miami.  But, get this: The team’s former foes on the grid iron have become friends because Bishop Gorman footed the bill for the team’s extended stay in Las Vegas.

Bishop Gorman’s act of kindness is a nice show of support at a time when it’s desperately needed.  It was pouring rain in Las Vegas Friday when Miami Central handed Bishop Gorman their second loss in a row.

The game was over, but now, the team had to deal with and face real life, and the hurricane eyeing their state.

“When we first came out here, we were trying to win the game for us, but when we knew Hurricane Irma was coming into town, we wanted to make sure we support our city and our state,” said Roland Smith, Junior, Head Coach, Miami Central High School.

As Hurricane Irma forced a days-long closure at airports, the team remained stranded in Las Vegas.

“The storm passed by, we’re just praying, making sure that everything is safe back home,” said Amari Daniels, Running Back, Miami Central High School.

Now, the team is doing the best they can with what little they have.

Miami Central High’s next game is scheduled for Thursday in Miami, but it’s highly likely the game won’t even be played.
But just in case there’s a chance they will play that game on Saturday, the team, who’s called the Rockets, are using their hotel parking lot to run drills. It’s also a good distraction for the players.

“We just try to keep them busy and trying to keep them occupied of doing something they love to do; playing football and stuff like that,” said Smith.

The team’s situation hasn’t been an ideal weekend in Las Vegas, but, a little help they received from others seemed to go a long way.

“We reached out to 9/11 tacos. We said ‘hey, I know it’s short notice, but can you get out there and feed about 75-80 kids that are stuck?’ They said ‘no doubt. I can get out there,'” said Steven Grammas, president of LVPPA.

The local police union provided the lunch to the kids, and it was a small gesture that really mattered to the players.

The team who still needs help with meals while they’re in Las Vegas, is hoping to head back home to Miami Tuesday morning.  However, the cheerleaders may be stuck here until Friday.

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