All across the country, thousands of people lined up in a Build-A-Bear bonanza for the “pay your age” prmotion.

The store at Downtown Summerlin was also overwhelmed with large crowds. An estimated 1,300 people showed up. The store had to turn away customers but they didn’t leave empty handed.

Families started lining up before the store even opened and waited for hours to go inside. At one point, the line wrapped around the entire block, almost coming full circle.

“It’s been long,” said Laura Saravia, got in line at 8 a.m. “It was really hot earlier. We almost didn’t make it, but thank God for the overcast, we’re going to make it through.”

Like many locations in other parts of the country, the toy store decided to stop the “pay your age” promotion just a few hours after opening its doors. Customers who were turned away were given a $15 voucher.

“We came and it was so long. It was around the whole building. Nope! I wasn’t going to wait in that long line. I said, nope. No thank you,” said Natilee Perry.

This is the first time the store is offered this type of discount. The price of the stuffed animal was to be determined by the customer’s age with no paying more than $29, regardless of age.

“I’m hoping I can get one too, but I don’t want to pay my age,” said Laura Saravia.

And by the way, those vouchers that were handed out are good through the end of August. Employees expect to be busy until the store closes at 9 p.m.