Passionate protesters gathered in hundreds of cities across the country Saturday from New York City to San Francisco to rally against the Trump Administration’s immigration policies. 

The national Families Belong Together day of action even took place in Las Vegas. Hundreds of people gathered at the federal courthouse downtown to voice their concerns. 

“I am the daughter of immigrants. A lot of my friends are. That’s why we’re here today,” said Jocelyn Gonzalez, protester.

Those in attendance stood in the heat with signs and spoke out against the recent separation of children from parents at the southern border

“If I’m not out here doing my right as a citizen, what can I do?” said Sumra Bartlett, protestor. 

While President Trump signed an executive order on June 20 to keep families together, some say that’s not enough. 

“That’s not a solution. Basically, what he’s doing is now he’s going to be incarcerating families all together and families don’t belong in cages, families belong in communities,” said Erika Castro, protestor. 

Others at the rally were worried about Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ICE. 

One man told 8 News NOW he worries for some of his undocumented family members 

“They live in constant fear of getting deported and it’s terrifying to have to walk around, having to watch your back,” said Mario Machaca, protestor. 

Organizers said Saturday’s day of action was all about sending a message about being together to try and achieve the American dream.