How the price of Stanley Cup tickets stack up to other purchases, expenses


Fans hoping to score tickets to the first game of the Stanley Cup Final Monday will have to shell out a lot of cash.

Full season members can expect to shell out $475 for one presale ticket if you’re a full-season member. Now when it comes to big families, “It would cost you $3,325.”

“That’s a crazy number, said Dennis Lopez, resident.  “That’s not being realistic.”

Brittany Edney, Reporter: “Would you be willing to ditch your family and go solo for the $475?”
Dennis Lopez: “Most definitely. The family has been ditched. Sorry family. (laughs).

So how much is too much to pay for finals tickets?

Brittany Edney: “Break it down in your monthly budget. Is that cable or food bill?”
Garrett Miller, local resident: “That’s a mortgage and both car payments for tickets to a hockey game.” 

People can also take that $475 to a market downtown, and buy four sandwich platters that feeds 12-18 people. The price: $428.67, leaving some money left over for Las Vegas Golden Knights gear.”

If you wanted a staycation, you could book a three-night stay in a Wynn Resort deluxe room for about $750 which is still less than the cheapest ticket StubHub, which is about $836 bucks.

The most expensive seat on StubHub is going for $10,000. That’s a deal compared to the nearly $30,000 someone shelled out on eBay for one of the royal wedding gift bags.

“I think there’s definitely some gauging that’s going along with it, but I hope that people that should be able to go; are able to,” said Garrett Miller, resident.

There’s one note of caution for people buying tickets on a second-hand market site: Make sure it offers a clear understanding of exactly what you’re getting, along with who to contact if there are problems. 

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