Homeowners react to crazy crash that ended with 2 vehicles in their home


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A homeowner in the eastern part of the Las Vegas valley experienced a very terrifying moment Monday when two vehicles slammed into his home. According to police, a pickup truck hit the homeowner’s car, which caused a chain reaction and sent that car into the home.

“I open the door and see like all the damage; [a] big hole, and car,” said Victoria Bridges, the homeowner.

It happened just before 6:30 a.m. at the corner of Sahara and Abarth Street, which is just west of Sloan.

According to Metro, the truck was speeding down Sahara Avenue, and when the driver tried to make a turn, the truck couldn’t get around the bend, so it hopped up the sidewalk and slammed into the back of the homeowner’s car, knocking it into a tree and the garage. The pickup truck then flipped on its side about 30 feet away and went into the office.

“I don’t know; I just get up and wake up my husband, and we’re running to the office,” said Victoria Bridges, the homeowner.

Police believe the driver of the Toyota Tacoma may have been drunk.

“It looks like; he doesn’t understand what happened. He said, ‘I’m ok,'” Bridges said.

The pickup went through the front bedroom wall, which, thankfully is being used as an office. However, if it would have hit the Bridges’ car at even a slightly different angle, it could have ended up a few feet farther away in the neighbor’s house, which is where Lenny Hernandez’s dad lives.

“Looking at the actual car in the house, you can tell it’s pretty close to my dad’s, so it’s alarming,” Hernandez said. “It’s concerning for me.”

Hernandez says over the years he’s seen cars hit both properties. According to Hernandez, people chronically speed through the area.

It’s something the Bridges have had to learn quickly because they just moved into the neighborhood six weeks ago.

“And as you can see, the car at least stopped the truck from going in through the garage; otherwise there’s no barrier around the property.

The homeowners say they’re seriously considering investing in putting a wall around the property.

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