Homeowner uses digital traffic sign to offer reward to catch burglars


Falling victim to a home burglary can leave someone with a lot of emotions, such as fear, frustration, even anger.  

“It’s horrible, it’s hard to get out of your mind, what could we have done differently, should we have done differently, you find yourself feeling a little guilty, but I don’t know why, but you do,” said Clark Webster, a homeowner whose home was burglarized.

But when burglars struck a home in the northern part of the valley, the homeowner wanted to fight back publicly.

Clark Webster and his wife returned to their home near Grand Teton, and Jones from a rare weekend out of town to find they had been burglarized.

“My wife noticed there was a light on in there and when I entered the back door, I could tell it was our bedroom light, and so she had entered the front door, and I yelled at her to get out of the house,” Webster said.

Webster’s not shy, so he took his appeal to get their belongings back to the street.  Webster’s fight for justice has caught the attention of people who live in the area.  

Webster says when his bosses at Las Vegas Paving found out what had happened, they were all too happy to help.

“You get pretty upset about people who steal, so they gladly donated it (digital traffic sign) to try to help catch a thief,” said Webster.  “I decided it’s a win-win, Webster said, “If we catch somebody, that would be great. If not, we’ve warned some people.”

According to Webster, the thieves broke into the garage through a side door, and then they broke into the house using a metal rod to bust the door jams on the steel doors.

They even got into where Webster keeps his guns locked up.

“They stole firearms, and vacuum cleaners, and jewelry, and jewelry that was my wife’s mother’s, and wedding rings,” Webster said. 

“It’s either somebody’s been watching, somebody that knows us, or somebody that just took the chance and it worked out for them,” said Webster.

All of the items were of value to Webster and his wife, but getting a return of his peace of mind is priceless.

So, Webster put up $10,000: The amount equaling half for a conviction and half for the return of most of the stolen items.

Anyone with information should call Metro Police or reach out to Clark Webster on Facebook.

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