Homeowner shoots, kills person trying to break into home


Metro Police investigated a shooting at 2854 La Canada Street near E. Vegas Valley Drive and S. Maryland Parkway.   

According to Metro, around 11:00 a.m., a call came in to police about a person who had been shot.

“This was very shocking because we wouldn’t expect to be that close,” said neighbor Adrian Marquez.

Metro Police said it was believed that the person who was shot was an intruder.  Officers believe the suspect was shot by a homeowner.

The person shot was taken to Sunrise Hospital where he died.

Marquez is one of many neighbors, who have been hit recently by burglars.

“There’s been a lot of break-ins here especially when the houses are vacant,” Marquez said. 

But, the house wasn’t vacant. The District Attorney will decide whether or not to pursue charges against the homeowner. 

“In Nevada, we have what is commonly known as the ‘Castle Doctorine’ and that means in defense of an occupied home, you have a right to use a lawful deadly force in certain circumstances,” said Las Vegas Defense Group Attorney Michael Castillo.

Castillo explained to 8 News NOW why the shooting could be self-defense. 

“Number one, you have to lawfully be present at the location,” Castillo said. “Number two, you cannot be the initial aggressor and number three, you can not be engaged in criminal activity yourself.”

Marquez called the incident a wake up call for his community.

“Those are our neighbors. They’ve never done anything, just very dedicated workers that come in and out,” said Marquez. “But, I guess it was the wrong time for the person who tried to break into that house.”

8 News NOW will have updates on this developing story.

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