Hockey playing dog has 2nd chance at life in last minute adoption


After spending months in a shelter, a dog on death row has found a loving home in Las Vegas. Now King Benny is all about The Golden Knights! 


King Benny is very talented and can tackle any trick imaginable, including jumping, spinning and pushing a wheelchair. Now, he’s taking on the valley’s hockey craze with his four paw puck dropping. 

“He’s up to do anything you want him to do,” Cheryl DelSangro, King Benny’s owner. “He’s up for it.” 

King Benny and DelSangro created their special connection five years ago. The dog started his life jumping from shelter to shelter, then after months of failed adoption attempts he ended up on a euthanasia list. 

“He went into several meet and greets, nobody wanted him,” DelSangro said. “Then I saw him online.” 

DelSangro stepped in to save his life when King Benny had just one day left on death row. 

Her love helped Benny bounce back. Now, he puts his talent to the test with any kind of trick. 

“I could see from the day I got him that he had a different kind of smart than the other dogs,” DelSangro said. 

One of his favorite pastimes now involves playing Vegas Born hockey. 

“We didn’t know how he would be, because he’s a warm dog, from a warm area,” DelSangro said. “But he went on the ice, ran all over adjusted right away.”

DelSangro recently took Benny to The Las Vegas Ice Center to see his stick skills on the ice. She hopes his furry face off shows support for the team she loves, the Vegas Golden Knights. 

“We really want him to meet like with the players or something,” DelSangro told 8 News Now. “That would be awesome if he could meet the players in his little video and make a save.”

She also encourages everyone to adopt from a local shelter, to give dogs like Benny a chance to start over.

“He’s just such a good example of what a shelter dog can do,” DelSangro said. “He was in there so long. He got adopted and returned and now look at him.”

Those looking for a new four-legged family member, read below to find links to a few shelters links to a few shelters in Las Vegas:

The Animal Foundation

Nevada SPCA

King Benny’s Facebook Page

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