Hiking and heat dangers at Red Rock Canyon


The heat is not stopping visitors from enjoying Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, but the warm weather may pose a danger if you don’t prepare properly.

Red Rock Canyon is known for it’s beauty but this place can also be deadly when visitors don’t plan right for their trip here, especially during this warm weather.

“It’s so hot, you can’t go very far,” said Felix Stwaden, visiting from Germany.

The German tourist takes a break after a couple hours in the sun.

“So, we decided to go just a little bit and take a nice view,” he said.

But others brave the heat to explore one of the many trails.

“My son wanted to hike up to the tank,” said Eugene Goodnight.

This father decided not to join him on the two-hour hike, instead he sits in the car with the air conditioning.

“I ain’t going up there, it’s nice but when it gets up to three digits it gets hot,” Goodnight said.

The Bureau of Land Management says some don’t realize how heat affects their body.

“We find a lot of people will come out and they’re not used to the low humidity that we have and so you lose a lot more moisture for this low humidity, more than you realize, because you don’t see the sweat on you,” said Kathy August, outdoor recreation planner for BLM.

She stresses packing lots of water.

“In reality this is half a liter or two cups,” she said. “This would last you about 15 minutes. The more time you spend out in the heat, the more water you’re going to lose.”

August says visitation decreases during the summer, but search and rescues still happen.

“I’d say on a weekly basis, we have 2 to 3 at least.”

Some decided to play it safe today by skipping the hike or staying cool in the car.

“A little more than I can handle right now,” said Janice Motley, visiting from Pittsburgh.

August says, visitors suffer from dehydration nearly every day this time of year, she also notices pets suffering more than owners on hikes during hot days. She advises caution before bringing a pet out.
For a full list of safety tips, click here.

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