High hopes from meteorologist for break in dry spell across Las Vegas valley


Wednesday marks a record 112 days without any rain in the Las Vegas valley.

While the dry conditions remain, a slight chance of rain expected in the mountains this weekend, and it would be just what is needed to break the dry spell.

“We been hoping for more snow, lets put it that way,” said Steve Landess, resident.

Since there hasn’t been any precipitation in sight, it has been a slow start to the ski season.  No rain in the valley means no snow in the mountains.

Meteorologist Chris Outler with the National Weather Service says compared to previous years this has been a dry fall and winter.

“We had a really persistent area of high pressure over the western United States, and that’s kept all the storm systems much to our north, and it’s kept most of the cold air reflected toward the north and eastern part of the countries,” Outler said.

La Nina’s dry weather patterns hardly left any snow in the mountains.

“So far the snowpack is very poor,” said Outler. “We haven’t seen hardly any snow in our local mountains; really this is true for most of the western United States. There’s been no snow.”

Mount Charleston has only had less than an inch of snow, but the mountain’s neighbor, Lee Canyon reported three inches so far. 

“Last year was amazing, but I mean every year is fun of course, and there are ups and downs and every year it’s different, but we are still having fun,” Skye Landess said.

“Usually at this year we expect 26, 27 inches of snow and last year that’s about where we were at this point in the season followed by over 80 inches in January,” Outler said.

As for Lee Canyon Ski Resort, they are thankful it’s still cold enough to make snow. 

“The whole industry I think it’s down just a little bit because of the mild winter,” said Jim Seely, marketing director for Lee Canyon. “All resorts are optimistic on January, February, and March to pick up just a little bit.”

But the hope remains strong for the real stuff. 

“Well, we are praying for snow we are doing our snow dance, and we are going to have fun no matter what,” said Landess.

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