Bold. Brazen. And in broad daylight; so-called “porch pirates” are making the rounds in Henderson.

Social media has been abuzz of package thefts happening in the legacy neighborhood near Wigwam Parkway and Pecos.

Neighbors say petty crimes are highly unusual in the area, but with the holidays quickly approaching, Henderson Police has warned everyone to keep an eye out.

According to authorities, the culprits may be on a motorbike.

“People don’t typically take home packages of that size on a motorbike,” said D.R. Lawson, Legacy resident.

Lawson lives around the corner from where the theft occurred.

“Well, it’s a real surprise because this neighborhood is quiet; people know each other,” Lawson said.

Henderson Police says the thefts are a sign of the times. Security consultant Tommy Burns agrees.

“As we’ve increased online shopping, that theft has increased also,” Burns said.

There’s no sure-fire way to prevent porch pirates from striking your home because “it’s just an easy pickings for thieves,” Burns continued.

Based on his expertise Burns says he believes doorbell cameras are a good investment.

“That may deter them, and if not, it greatly enhances the possibility of catching the thieves,” Burns said.

Henderson Police says residents expecting packages should have them delivered to a P.O. Box, contacting the carrier to make sure they’re signed for or ask a neighbor.

“If you’re not going to be home, ask if the package can be delivered to your neighbor’s house if they’re going to be home,” said Burns.

Lenny Tanchalla lives one house down from the neighbor who reported this theft.  He’s also a retired NYPD officer.

“So, I know a lot about crime and the people that commit crimes,” said Tanchalla. “Always be on the lookout for your neighbor next door.”

Fortunately, the owner of the packages stolen said the thieves didn’t make off with anything irreplaceable.
just blinds.