LAS VEGAS (KLAS)— A new trail system is now open for bike riders to enjoy.
The city of Henderson finally finished the 12-mile Harry Reid UPRR trail.

The Harry Reid UPRR trail now includes a 4.5-mile trail at Acacia park and links to the city’s 220-mile trail system.


On Saturday, local leaders and bikers from across the valley celebrated with a ribbon-cutting and a bike parade.

Henderson mayor Debra March says this is a great amenity for the community, and you can get to any part of the trail with just a 10-minute walk in the area.

“It’s a wonderful addition that creates a safe connection for bicycle riders and hikers, people who want to be out in nature to connect it without interfacing with traffic,” says March. “We’ve got bridges now and underpasses. It’s a 12 miles trail, we just completed the last 4 miles of the trail.”