Proposed city changes to adult bookstores is upsetting some neighbors, but not for the reasons you might think. A portion of Las Vegas Boulevard is what neighbors are unhappy about.

Many want the area cleaned up, but feel the city is moving too fast with proposed changes. Residents who’ve been fighting to see changes with an adult store right next to their neighborhood feel their concerns are going out the window.

They want to pump the brakes on the proposal until there’s more feedback from the community. But Councilman Bob Coffin says the changes would enhance the area. Coffin says, “well the people who say that don’t want anything to happen at all but the people that want that neighborhood changed do. They don’t want to be embarrassed driving past that dark empty parking lot. It’s big.” 

Councilman Coffin says the amendment would force the adult store to spruce up their property and it would enhance the entire neighborhood.

Some neighbors are also worried it would potentially allow the stores to undesirable areas inside the business like video booths. Residents plan to ask the Las Vegas City Council to delay voting on the issue. But Councilman Coffin expects a vote to take place next week and he’s not sure if he will present any further amendments.