LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Today in our “Pointers From A Pediatrician” segment, Dr. Carrie Wijesinghe, the founder of Siena pediatrics, says she’s already seeing cases of flu in southern Nevada.

Dr. Wijesinghe discusses complications, high-risk categories and if you’re allowed to give your child a flu vaccine along with a covid vaccine – once approved.

“We had our first case of the flu just this last Monday. We’re trying to get people out to get their flu shots as early as possible. I just want to bring attention to influenza. We usually talk about this every fall, but I do want to go over some points, that maybe aren’t discussed with families or even adults.

As you know influenza is a significant cause of disease, we see it typically every fall, it can be as early as October through even April, ” she added.

“Anybody can get the flu, and unfortunately, I hear stories of 20-year-old’s passing from influenza…Infants and children are a high-risk category and again people 65 and older. A lot of these families, people have chronic conditions like diabetes and congestive heart failure…issue like that can put them more at risk for being hospitalized,” she added.

Regarding complications, she says “We think we miss potentially a couple of days at work, but people do go into the hospital for pneumonia… there are neurological things people don’t talk about like seizures and strokes…Please consider getting your flu shot this year. It might make a huge difference in your family’s life,” she added.

Regarding getting both the flu shot and the COVID-19 vaccine, “You are allowed to do that…A lot of my families are trying to get their flu shots ahead of time and then when it is approved they can simply get the COVID vaccine, within those categories,” she said.