LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — For many parents, having a child with a severe food allergy means living with the fear that one mistake could be a life-threatening experience.

But there is a natural approach parents can take to managing allergies.

It is a holistic approach that’s making a difference. So far, more than 500 children have been successfully treated. It is so effective, there is now a waiting list to be part of the program.

Nicole Zue, mother of three, never thought her kids could eat ice cream with dairy and nuts. All of her children battled life threatening food and environmental allergies, causing multiple trips to the emergency room and severe eczema.

When she ran out of medical options, Zue found her way to Amy Thieringer’s Release Technique. She identifies which toxins are creating stress, then rebalances the gut bacteria with probiotics to reset the overactive immune system.

“So we’re working on strengthening and supporting the immune system, calming the anxiety response, and then we slowly and safely introduce the food so that in about a three month period, the child is able to eat that food freely,” said Thieringer — CEO of Allergy Release Technique.

Thieringer is preparing for a large-scale medical study of her work, but results are promising. She claims she has already cured more than 500 children.

The family profiled in this story now has their allergies under control, so much so they were able to adopt a puppy — something they never thought would be possible.

Dr. Thieringer has a long waiting list and has trained dozens of practitioners around the east coast.