Valley residents explain reasons for avoiding COVID-19 vaccine, along with some regret


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — We still have a long way to go until most Nevadans are fully vaccinated. But that may be tough, as some are adamant about not getting vaccinated — or decided not to continue with the second dose.

More than 150,00 in Clark County have not completed the second dose.

It’s an issue across the country and here in Nevada.

As health officials continue to encourage people to get vaccinated, some residents are skipping out on their second dose because they feel like the first one is enough, or the side effects scared them.

It’s a topic that is causing a lot of division.

But for those like Kevin Zimmerman, who tried to get the vaccine, they say they are done after just one.

“I had the heat on in the apartment, the blanket over me, sweatshirt on … and I am still shivering for four days. And I was like, ‘I can’t do it for four more days,’ ” Zimmerman said.

“I just didn’t get the second dose. I guess I am half vaccinated,” he said.

Zimmerman said the side effects from the first dose in March were too severe for him to go through it again.
But, he is disabled and falls under a vulnerable group that could be susceptible to the virus and the new Delta variant.

He now has regrets.

“I should have just done it and gotten it over with,” Zimmerman said. “If I got sick, I got sick.”

Summerlin resident Valerie Matlock is concerned about a second dose for her daughter due to her bad reaction.

“She got Moderna and it immediately took her out. She came home and was shaking,” Matlock said.

Matlock understands the risks of not being fully protected, and is relying on the first dose.

“I am not willing to risk her getting the second dose and she not waking up,” Matlock said.

Health officials say you are protected against the Delta variant only if you are fully vaccinated. And the two doses of Pfizer or Moderna are vital.

Dr. Marc J. Khan of the Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine explains how it works.

“So the first dose of the vaccine primes the immune system … or gets it ready for the infection,” Khan said. “The second dose is a booster. Magnifies the immune’s response to provide much more protection against the viral infection.”

If you are behind on your second vaccine, health officials say you can still get your second dose. There is not a cut-off … but the sooner the better.

And a reminder to those of you who have been vaccinated: The first winner in the Vax Nevada Days campaign will be announced on Thursday.

Remember, the raffle is a vaccine incentive program to reward those who’ve received or will receive at least one dose of a COVID vaccine. Eligible adult Nevadans can qualify for cash prizes, while minors can win college savings plans, state parks passes and more.

Winners will be randomly selected each week for eight weeks. The grand prize winner will be announced in late August.

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