Vaccination centers notice more families choosing to get vaccinated together


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As more and more people are choosing to get vaccinated, vaccination centers also noticing more families showing up.

Families saying it is better to do it “all together.”

Juan Naranjo is 17 years old. He and his family got their first dose of Pfizer vaccine.

 “I brought my mom and my brother,” Juan Naranjo said. “I felt like I needed to do my part and get the vaccine.”

Juan Naranjo says his family recovered from COVID-19 and wants to make sure they do not get it again.

“It was quite hard all of us were home. We had a place where people can bring us food, we couldn’t go out, so we were just home together,” said Juan Naranjo.

Now together, they went to Cashman Center.

“She said let’s all go so you guys won’t be afraid,” Juan Naranjo said. “I was quite happy because this experience we always go together so it was quite fun to be with my family.”

“I came here so I can get vaccinated and nothing can happen to me and my family,” added 16-year-old Alberto Naranjo.

For the Naranjo family, they say it is always better when they are together.

“I think whenever it’s family I think like they won’t get scared that much they won’t get that much nervous because they are with their family,” Alberto Naranjo said.

“it was quite simple, and I do recommend for all families to come and get vaccinated,” said Juan Naranjo.

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