Truth vs. myth: Is the COVID-19 vaccine unsafe because it was developed quickly?


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — There are so many questions surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine, and one of the big concerns is whether the vaccine is safe and whether or not it was created too quickly. 8 News Now spoke with the dean of the college of nursing at the University of Phoenix.

Dr. Kathleen Winston offered some timely insight on the truth versus the myths of the COVID-19 vaccine. She is reminding everyone that as we make the personal decision to vaccinate, it’s important to remember the goal of vaccination is to minimize death, maximize prevention and keep people in our communities functioning and working.

She says the process used by Moderna and Pfizer to create the vaccine is the result of new technology.

“The technology that the two companies used to produce that vaccine is a technology that moves pretty quickly, so it wasn’t that we moved too fast, and therefore it’s unsafe,” Dr. Winston said. “It’s just that this technology that was developed, called the MRNA was indeed a more efficient process for vaccine development.”

The three other vaccines in the phase three trials coming to a close are moving a little slower because they are a protein-based vaccine, which takes more time. So again, that myth that if you went too fast, it makes it unsafe — it is just a myth.

According to Dr. Winston, the vaccine is safe, and she said it is not uncommon when you get a vaccine that it may cause you to get an inflammatory response like a sore arm or low-grade fever; those usually pass within 24-48 hours and then you are fine.

As important as the vaccine is at prevention, Dr. Winston adds that ways to strengthen your immunity include good personal hygiene, getting your sunshine, vitamin D, fresh air, and a good healthy diet.

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