LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Despite easy access to the COVID-19 vaccine through pop-up clinics and pharmacies, there are still many who have not gotten theirs — and don’t plan to do so. This is due to various information they are hearing or seeing on social media.

As the different variant becomes a growing concern, now more than ever, top health officials are urging you to get vaccinated. They understand some have their concerns and worries about the effects of the vaccine, but they want to put your mind at ease.

If you scroll through social media, you most likely see differing opinions on the vaccine and the coronavirus.

“I would much rather get the virus and get the immunity to the virus naturally than getting a vaccine that has not been tested,” said one individual.

8 News Now spoke to a Las Vegas woman who is against the vaccine. While she didn’t want to be identified, she is confident her immune system will be able to beat the virus on its own.

“I am not afraid of getting COVID,” she told us.

Some of the myths and concerns we have heard about the vaccine is that it causes infertility, was rushed and contains a microchip.

To address those myths, we spoke to Dr. Jonathan Baktari, CEO of E7 Health.

“We are never going to get rid of this pandemic until this virus has no one to go to, which is the epitome of herd immunity,” he said.

At least 53% of Nevadans have started the vaccination process, but there is a huge gap between those who have yet to get a single dose. Baktari says the vaccine does not cause infertility, and it does not have a microchip.

So, what does it have? A small piece of the spike protein found in COVID-19. It’s replicated and put into the vaccine, which makes antibodies once injected.

“Especially with the mRNA vaccine, you are getting a small piece of the genetic code,” Baktari explained. “If you are worried about the small piece giving you infertility, if you get the virus, which you very well might, you are going to get the whole genetic code.”

He does agree the vaccine was made quickly, and with any vaccine, there is a chance for side effects.

Baktari says your chances of protection from the Delta variant are slim if you only have one dose, so it’s important to get the second for Pfizer and Moderna. It’s also important to note that some people can’t get the vaccine for health reasons.

More than 157,000 in Clark County stopped after the first dose due to side effects or felt they were protected.