LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — New York City is taking an aggressive approach to get more people vaccinated. Patrons will be required to show proof of vaccination when entering indoor businesses.

So, the question is, will this trend come to our area?

Every opportunity to get vaccinated is being given to tourists and locals in Southern Nevada before any mandates come into play.

“That may be one tool that could be used,” said Heidi Parker, executive director of Immunize Nevada.

She couldn’t say if we would follow NYC as an effort, however, she did say we should keep our COVID-19 vaccination cards handy. This is because businesses have a right to ask for it.

Attorney Matthew Hoffman with Battle Born Injury Lawyers agrees.

“I don’t think vaccinations are necessarily a discriminatory thing,” he told 8 News Now. “There isn’t anything you can do, no shirt, no shoes, no service. No shirt, no shoes, no vaccine, no service. As long as it applies equally to everybody, it is inherently not discriminatory.”

He does think if this mandate makes its way here, it would be hard to make it a success.

“I think businesses would be afraid to enforce it because they want all customers …. how do you enforce it?” he questioned. “How do you have the personnel to go to all these restaurants, and what are you going to do? Start carding the customers that have already gained entry?”

We asked tourists on the Las Vegas Strip if they had concerns about showing proof of vaccination in our city.

“With a place like Las Vegas, I think there would be a lot of pushback,” said David Desantiago from Las Vegas. “People already feeling bad about just having to wear a mask.”

Shawn Estrisch, visiting from New York, shared, “I just look at it like it’s no different than showing my driver’s license.”

“I carry it with me now as I travel, even locally with me at home,” said Tianna DeFreze. “To me, it is not a big deal.”

If you can’t get vaccinated due to health conditions or other factors, Hoffman says this is where it can get tricky. This is because a business that does require you to show proof of vaccine can still deny you entry, just to be fair to all.

New York City’s proof of vaccination mandate goes into effect on Sept. 13.